As human beings, it is our responsibly to care for what is ours; our bodies, our land, and our homes. What we eat impacts all of those factors, if we support large commercial farming we are eating chemicals, polluting our earth, and rely on people to ship food. By supporting local farmers and farming, it supports healthier living, the environment, and strengthens community roots. 
An advocacy poster designed to support and understand Local Farming and the importance of understanding where and how food. The Environmental Working Group and the work they do as an organization was inspiration for this project and lifestyle considerations. The image based poster is very whimsical and silly, the idea of playing with food. The title You Are What You Eat, is very literal in this case, that food is creating the face. It is about what being careful what people put inside their bodies and paying attention to their food. A positive message that both young children and parents understand. 
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